Bill McKibben


How We Break 25 Years of Stalemate on Climate Change

We have the tools. We have the talent. Here's how we get the politicians to listen up and do something.


Sipping Margaritas While the Climate Burns

Why the upcoming U.N. climate summit at Cancún could be just as disappointing as Copenhagen.


450 Ways to Stop Global Warming

There's no denying the Earth is getting hotter. Now we just have to draw a line in the sand.

Think Again

Think Again: Climate Change

Act now, we're told, if we want to save the planet from a climate catastrophe. Trouble is, it might be too late. The science is settled, and the damage has already begun. The only question now is whether we will stop playing political games and embrace the few imperfect options we have left.

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About Bill McKibben

Bill McKibben is the founder of and is Schumann distinguished scholar in environmental studies at Middlebury College.



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