Blake Hounshell


‘There’s No Such Thing as a Failed State’

The father of emerging markets says we shouldn't give up on the world's Somalias and Zimbabwes.

The Cable

Business crowd gives Thein Sein a warm welcome

You could almost hear the geopolitical tectonic plates shifting as the 200-odd guests clinked their glasses of Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc and Meiomi Pinot Noir ...


The problem with Obama’s ‘unscripted’ Syria red line

The New York Times has another huge story on Obama's "red line" on the Syrian regime's possible use of chemical weapons, filled with juicy details ...


That awkward moment when … Israel launches airstrikes in Syria

Syrian Facebook pages are reporting a series of massive explosions in Damascus, as are the Syrian regime's media outlets. A video claiming to be of ...


The three key words of Obama’s ‘red line’ on Syria

The White House has long insisted that President Barack Obama's "red line" that would trigger ... something ... on Syria is crystal clear. But as ...


Qatari prime minister: Bashar used chemical weapons

Qatari Prime Minister Hamad bin Jassim Al Thani on Wednesday accused the Syrian regime of using chemical weapons on its own people, joining Britain, France, ...


Reading these Boston Marathon tweets is like getting punched in the gut

Boston Globe reporter Billy Baker was on the scene of the marathon explosion. Watch as his tweets go from inspirational to horrifying in mere minutes: ...


Roger Ebert’s favorite foreign films

I don't have much to say about the death of Robert Ebert, a great film critic and incredibly prolific writer. I'm sure the encomiums are ...


How many American think tanks are run by women?

With the news this week that the very smart Anne-Marie Slaughter, of "Having It All," State Department, and Twitter Fight Club fame, has been tapped ...


State Dept. gets touchy about Nasr’s new book

Many of you may have already read Vali Nasr's scathing inside account of the State Department's struggle to put diplomacy at the center of U.S. ...

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