Brian Fishman


The Man Who Could Have Stopped the Islamic State

Almost 10 years ago, an al Qaeda emissary was sent to tell Abu Musab al-Zarqawi to tone down his terrorism. The journey, and its failure, gave birth to ISIS.


Welcome to the Islamic State of Syria

Al Qaeda makes it official: The terror group is trying to extend its medieval rule from Baghdad to Damascus.

The Middle East Channel

Syria, where you don’t always get what you want

Motivated by President Bashar al-Assad's terrible murder of civilians and (or) the strategic opportunity to undermine Iran's staunchest Arab ally, both conservative and liberal voices ...

The South Asia Channel

The death of Atiyah

The world shook when Osama bin Laden was killed, but it has taken less notice of reports that a CIA drone in Pakistan reportedly killed ...

The Middle East Channel

Stopping the fifth column

The imminent fall of Muammar al-Qaddafi's regime in Libya opens a world of possibilities for Libyans that would have seemed almost impossible a year ago. ...


Stopping the Fifth Column

How to end a post-Qaddafi insurgency in Libya before it starts.

The Middle East Channel

The enemies of our enemy

In September 2007, U.S. soldiers raided a desert encampment outside the town of Sinjar in northwest Iraq, looking for insurgents. Amid the tents, they made ...

The Middle East Channel

At a loss for words

In the wake of peaceful revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt, al Qaeda's argument that violent activism is necessary to achieve political change stands dramatically repudiated. ...


At a Loss for Words

Why is al Qaeda keeping quiet about the Egyptian and Tunisian revolutions?

The South Asia Channel

Inside Talibanistan

From a distance, you might think the Taliban is a monolithic enemy. Far from it.

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Brian Fishman is a counterterrorism research fellow at the New America Foundation.



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