Brian Fung


Indian lawmakers unhappy with 313 percent raise

Members of India's parliament will see their salary more than tripled in the coming weeks, bringing their annual income to a high of $12,854 a ...


Gone Fishing

Five leaders who were conspicuously absent when they were needed the most.


Foxconn’s pep rally includes Spiderman costumes, Victorian dresses

In its latest effort to keep employees from leaping from their dorm room balconies, Taiwanese tech manufacturer Foxconn held a pep rally yesterday at its ...


Under Petraeus, Burger King may return to Kandahar

With Gen. Stanley McChrystal safely in retirement and away from the battlefield, U.S. troops can breathe a little easier knowing that their austere -- some ...


It’s official: WikiLeaks and Sweden’s Pirate Party ink a hosting deal

Slashdot passes on news that Julian Assange, the controversial WikiLeaks chief, has just sealed a hosting deal with Sweden's Pirate Party that would help protect ...


Gates’s Legacy

FP asked five experts to weigh in on what the U.S. defense secretary leaves behind.


The other Cordoba initiative

Even as President Barack Obama brought the debate over the so-called "Ground Zero mosque" to the national level last weekend, Muslim residents of a very ...


Pakistan’s ISI: Militants, not India, are the greatest threat to national security

Pakistan's intelligence agency, the ISI, has concluded that India is no longer the primary threat to the country's security. Displacing New Delhi for the title ...


A new issue and a new look

Here at FP, we work hard to bring you the latest analysis of trends in global politics, economics, and ideas. Today, we're proud to announce ...


North Korea succession watch: A new contender?

In this edition: monkey wrenches, a reunification tax, and another semi-official North Korean Twitter account. Lots of news this morning from the Korean peninsula. To ...

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