Bruce Stokes


Europe’s Kids Are Moody and Depressed

But what millennials think of their future prospects -- and of the United States -- isn’t a passing fad. And there's good reason to worry about the future of the continent.


Lame Duck? Shots Fired.

Why a Republican win on Tuesday may push the White House into a more aggressive foreign policy posture.


Keep Your Eye on Beijing

While the world focuses on the Middle East and Ukraine, China's neighbors worry about the fallout of brewing tensions along its borders. And so should we.


No Difference a Year Makes

One year on from the NSA surveillance revelations, guess what: the world shrugged. People still, more or less, like America.


Between Assad and a Hard Place

The people of the Middle East don't want extremists or Syria's president either. But they want Western meddling even less.

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About Bruce Stokes

Bruce Stokes is director of global economic attitudes at the Pew Research Center.



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