Charles Kenny


The River That Swallows All Dams

For 60 years, colonialists, engineers, and dictators have tried to tame Africa’s greatest waterway. Welcome to the Congo River, where dreams go to die.

In Box

Learning Curve

Why more and more parents in 
poor countries are paying to send 
their kids to private school.

The Optimist

Marx Is Back

The global working class is starting to unite -- and that's a good thing.

The Optimist

Linked Out

The case for sending America's unemployed abroad.

The Optimist

Barriers to Entry

How opening borders gives economies a lift.


Can Silicon Valley Save the World?

Defeating global poverty is the latest start-up trend. But is there really an app for that?

The Optimist

Give Sam Walton the Nobel Prize

Why Walmart may have done more for the poor than any business in American history.

The Optimist

The Case for Big Brother

A little government monitoring can be a good thing.

The Optimist

The Convergence of Civilizations

The oft-predicted "clash of civilizations" has not materialized. If anything, values are converging across cultures.

The Optimist

Work More, Make More?

The case against long hours.

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