Christina Larson


Ghosts by the Water Line

China has moved mountains and dammed rivers to pump water to a thirsty Beijing, but the colossal project could destroy the lives of millions in the heartland.


Rich Man, Pu’er Man

Pu'er tea is now worth more than silver. How that's led to the meteoric rise -- and uncertain future -- of a tea boom town in the country's remote southwest.


Beijing’s Test Tube Baby

Zhao Bowen dropped out of high school, shunned state-run academies, and launched a gene-mapping start-up. Why the boy who once broke all the rules could be the man to lead a new generation of Chinese scientists.


‘If You Take Away Land, You Take Away Life’

Cambodia's prime minister made a promise to tackle the country's most nagging social problem. Now his compatriots are taking him at his word.


Cambodia’s ‘Tahrir Square’

Protests against the authoritarian government of Prime Minister Hun Sen are reaching a boiling point.


The Mistress-Industrial Complex

Is adultery the key to solving China’s corruption problem?


Apocalypse Mao

China's Xi Jinping faces a host of challenges: a slowing economy, stagnating political reform. But the country's black skies and red rivers ought to be his top priority.


China’s Fishy Show Trial

The verdict is in: Bo Xilai's wife is guilty. But the Chinese government's carefully crafted story is full of holes.

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