Dalibor Rohac


It’s Still the Economy, Stupid

Instead of wringing our hands about the rise of populism, can we finally do something about it?


Cranks, Trolls, and Useful Idiots

Russia's information warriors set their sights on Central Europe.

Lab Report

Put Tunisians Back to Work

Post-revolutionary Tunisia has made great strides toward democracy. Now it needs to deliver on promises of economic growth. The second in our series of Lab Reports on Tunisia.


Go Big or Go Home

Eastern Europe's lesson for the countries of the Arab Spring: economic reform is best served quickly.


The Moroccan Model?

Morocco has a chance to become a regional leader on economic reform. But it still has a way to go.


It’s Not Business As Usual At the World Bank

The improbable controversy over the World Bank's flagship business survey.


The Secret of Islamist Success

Islamist political parties aren't succeeding in the Middle East because they stand for Islam. It's because they have a well-established political brand.

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About Dalibor Rohac

Dalibor Rohac is a research fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. Follow him on Twitter: @DaliborRohac.



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