David Francis

David Francis is a senior reporter for Foreign Policy, where he covers international finance. An award-winning journalist, David has reported from all over Europe, Nigeria, Kenya, Mexico, and Afghanistan on terrorism, national security, the geopolitics of energy, global economics, and the European financial crisis. His work has been published in outlets including the Christian Science Monitor, the Financial Times Deutschland, Slate, and SportsIllustrated.com.

The Cable

Situation Report: Flirting with Chinese spies; Think twice before coming for the Kims; Syria holds up chemical weapons inquiry; U.S. seaport security suffers; and a bit more.

By David Francis, Adam Rawnsley, and FP Staff Playing hard to get with Chinese spies...for a whole year. When he received a mysterious email from ...

The Cable

Situation Report: U.N. on notice over North Korea; What to expect when you’re expecting Vlad; Big Oil, Tillerson and Turkey; and a bit more.

By David Francis, Adam Rawnsley, and FP Staff On notice. Again. America's U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley is putting the world "on notice" over North Korea's ...

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