David Rothkopf


Soldiers for Ignorance

Why the Taliban can’t win in its fight against the future -- and other bad omens for 2015.


Coming Clean, With Bloodstained Hands

Why the release of the damning, horrific Senate torture report could be a bright spot for American democracy.


Why an Excellent Choice for SecDef Will Likely See His Tenure End Like His Predecessors' Did: in Tears

Should Ash Carter ultimately become the next U.S. secretary of defense -- as now seems likely -- he will be continuing an important, underappreciated tradition ...


Dis Town

Americans have an uncomfortable relationship with smart. They are perfectly happy to celebrate genius, provided it doesn't make them uncomfortable or require too much of ...


The Fall Guy

The knives were out for Chuck Hagel as soon as he was appointed secretary of defense. At first, however, those blades belonged to the snarky ...


The Catch-22 of Barack Obama

As addled American bombardier Captain John Yossarian says of the one thing blocking his being grounded and saved from having to face combat again while ...


Is Inequality a Bigger Threat than the Islamic State?

One of the hallmarks of the Age of Fear in which we live is that everywhere we turn there are not only new threats, but ...


This Man Is an Island

In the wake of Tuesday's elections, U.S. President Barack Obama cuts a lonely figure. In fact, he may end his term of office as the ...


The Pendulum and the President

FP Group CEO and Editor David Rothkopf's newly released book is a follow-up to his acclaimed earlier history of U.S. foreign policy making in the ...


Exit Interview: William J. Burns

Today, Deputy U.S. Secretary of State William J. Burns retires after one of the most distinguished tenures as a career foreign service officer in memory. ...

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About David Rothkopf

David Rothkopf is CEO and Editor of the FP Group. His latest book, National Insecurity: American Leadership in an Age of Fear was published in October.

Kerry Tells European Envoys U.N. Action on Palestine Can Wait till Israeli Election

Kerry Tells European Envoys U.N. Action on Palestine Can Wait till Israeli Election

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