Douglas Rediker


Ukraine’s False Choice

Yanukovych can pick Russia or the European Union. Either way, the economic reforms are coming.

Briefing Book

Losing at the IMF

The Obama administration set out to reform the international financial system, but now finds itself on the defensive. What went wrong?

Think Again

Think Again: The Eurocrisis

Markets are crashing. The euro is hurting. Here's why the continent's financial crisis is even messier than it appears, and how the blowback could hit the United States in the face.


12 Signs of the Europocalypse

From the Chinese buying spree to the rise of extremism, here's what to watch for as the continent teeters on the brink of disaster.

The Argument

Reserved for China

Why the dollar may not stay top dog forever. By Douglas Rediker Since the global financial crisis began, one of the major surprises has been ...

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About Douglas Rediker

Douglas Rediker is non-resident senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and a former IMF Board member. He co-manages the consultancy, International Capital Strategies.



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