Elias Groll

Elias Groll is an assistant editor at Foreign Policy. A native of Stockholm, Sweden, he received his undergraduate degree from Harvard University, where he was the managing editor of The Harvard Crimson.


François Hollande’s Paris Power Grab

A reform to France's emergency law provides French police with extraordinary authority and concentrates power in the executive for the next three months.


Paris Attacks Reopen Crypto Wars

From Apple to WhatsApp, tech companies are using sophisticated encryption technologies to thwart government spying. After Paris, top officials want to force firms to lower those walls.


The Most Unsocial Network

A new class-action lawsuit accuses Facebook of being a matchmaking service for would-be Palestinian terrorists.

The Cable

Senate Passes Controversial Cybersecurity Measure

The Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act grants businesses liability protection in exchange for sharing cyberthreat information with the government.

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