Elias Groll

Elias Groll is an assistant editor at Foreign Policy. A native of Stockholm, Sweden, he received his undergraduate degree from Harvard University, where he was the managing editor of The Harvard Crimson.


Hypocrisy Alert: Qatari Leader Throws Weight Behind Pluralism and Inclusiveness

It's perhaps a bit rich for Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani to be selling "pluralistic, inclusive, power-sharing solutions to regional disputes" in the pages of the New York Times.


Rudy Giuliani Loves America, Except When He’s Consulting for Qatar

The former mayor of New York has a habit of declaring his love of America but doesn't particularly enjoy disclosing his consulting work for Islamist regional powers.

The Cable

Jeb Bush: On Foreign Policy, I Am Not George W. Bush

Jeb Bush attempted on Wednesday to distance himself from his older brother.


Prosecutor Forwards Case Against Kirchner in Probe of Bombing Cover-Up

The decision sets the stage for a showdown between the president and the judiciary.


‘Happy Birthday, Iran’: Israeli Ambassador Sends Tehran His Warmest

Ron Dermer marked the anniversary of the Iranian Revolution with a sarcastic video.


Iggy Azalea Loves Francis Fukuyama. No, Really.

The Australian rapper reveals she's reading Fukyama's "The Origins of Political Order."

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