Elias Groll

Elias Groll is an assistant editor at Foreign Policy. A native of Stockholm, Sweden, he received his undergraduate degree from Harvard University, where he was the managing editor of The Harvard Crimson.


U.S. Official: Washington and Damascus Talking About Missing American Journalist

A former Marine, Tice disappeared south of Damascus in 2012.


Propaganda Watch: U.S. Tells Islamic State Recruits They’re Headed for a Meat Grinder

The leaflet in the style of a graphic novel tells young men joining the Islamic State that they're headed for quick deaths.


U.S. Begins Airstrikes in Support of Effort to Liberate Tikrit From Islamic State

The introduction of American air power comes as an Iranian-backed offensive to seize the city has stalled.


Report: Washington Is Negotiating for Missing American Journalist

The American journalist Austin Tice has been missing in Syria since 2012. No one seems to know the identity of his captors, and except for ...


Spy vs. Spy, America and Israel Edition

Israel and the United States have a long history of spying on one another.


Yemen on the Edge

Sunni attacks on Iraqi Shiites sent the country spiraling into civil war. Will the new bombings in Yemen send it down the same bloody path?


Dostum to NYT: This Warlord Doesn’t Cry

Abdul Rashid Dostum is denying a New York Times report that he cried in a security meeting.


As Syrian Civil War Rages On, Chemical Weapons Use Persists

The Syrian government is accused of using chlorine in an attack on the city of Sarmin.

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