Emile Simpson


Why We Failed to Win a Decisive Victory in Afghanistan

Shifting political allegiances, not smashing enemies, should have been the goal. And that holds true for the campaign against the Islamic State as well.


The Moral Tragedy of Scottish Independence

The injustice of watching from England as the Scots destroy the United Kingdom.


Give Putin a Way Out

With Russian troops massing on the Ukrainian border, the talk of war is getting louder. But it doesn’t have to happen.


The U.S.-Led International Order Is Dead

Long live a new era of America's halting involvement in a world not of its own making.


Snoozing in the Backseat

Britain has been irrelevant in Ukraine's crisis. If it leaves the EU, it will only become more insignificant.


Rand Paul Is Right

The United States needs to officially end the Iraq war -- or else acknowledge that it’s waging an endless and unwinnable fight.


The Panopticon Paradox

When an enemy can be anywhere, the state looks everywhere. So how can it infringe on privacy nowhere?


Checked Out

Why Hamid Karzai's fickle recklessness imperils the future of Afghanistan.

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About Emile Simpson

Emile Simpson is the author of War From the Ground Up: Twenty-First-Century Combat as Politics and served in the British Army from 2006 to 2012 as an infantry officer in the Royal Gurkha Rifles.



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