Eve Fairbanks


The Last White Africans

With 200,000 members, AfriForum is the leading civic organization advocating for the rights of Afrikaners in South Africa. Do the people responsible for apartheid’s crimes have a claim to their country’s future?


The Angry Man

Why we remember Mandela the smiling grandfather, not Mandela the fighter.


The Woman Who Got Inside the Dictator’s Head

Mugabe biographer Heidi Holland was a unique force among southern African journalists -- independent and fierce, but understanding.

In Box

South Africa’s Awkward Teenage Years

The Rainbow Nation has finally arrived on the world stage -- but did its conscience stay at home?


South Africa’s Cowardly Lion

From kissing Qaddafi to stiffing the Dalai Lama, what's happened to Nelson Mandela's Rainbow Nation?


Dark Clouds in the Rainbow Nation

Punishing a South African youth leader for hate speech doesn't do anything to suppress the anger of a generation.

The Middle East Channel

The colonel and friends

Nothing says "loser" like going to a fancy international conference and discovering you can't score a place to sleep. That's what happened to Libyan leader ...


The Colonel and Friends

How do you solve a problem like Qaddafi? Call in some old camping buddies.


Death of a True Afrikaner Believer

At the end of apartheid, he founded an all-white community he believed would be a utopia in the wilderness. Twenty years later, his death reveals some unexpected paradoxes of race in South Africa.

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About Eve Fairbanks

Eve Fairbanks, a writer living in Johannesburg, is at work on a book about South Africa.



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