Fadil Aliriza


A Verdict on Change

This ambitious young judge wants to change Tunisia’s justice system. But he still has to type out his own verdicts.


Crisis of Governance: Local Edition

In many ways, democratic Tunisia remains just as centralized as it was before the revolution. And that’s a big problem for the mayor of Kasserine.


The Tourism Crash

Terrorist attacks have left Tunisia's tourism sector reeling — but its problems actually go much deeper.


Tunisia’s Dying Jazz

New freedoms have brought art and religion into conflict, threatening to crush a tradition trapped in the middle.


Keeping Tunisia in the Dark

Democracy is pushing Tunisia's energy wealth into the spotlight, but old interests prefer to work in the shadows.

Lab Report

A Tale of Two Decrees

Tunisia's media sector still has a long way to go before it can serve as a bulwark of democracy. The third in our series of Lab Reports on Tunisia.


Is Tunisia Taking Down the Welcome Sign for Israelis?

This article has been corrected.  One day in March, tourists aboard a cruise ship attempted to disembark at the Mediterranean port city of Tunis, a ...

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About Fadil Aliriza

Fadil Aliriza is a Visiting Senior Fellow for the Legatum Institute’s Transitions Forum. He has been working as a journalist and analyst focusing on Tunisia and Libya after the 2011 uprisings. Follow him on Twitter @FadilAliriza.



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