Francis Wade


The Things They Carried: The Political Artist

For Htein Lin, ex-convicts are impeccable artistic muses. The sculptor and painter regularly welcomes former political prisoners at his studio in Yangon, Myanmar, where they ...


Burma’s Militarized Ministries

The opposition won a big electoral victory — but in Burma, parliament is not where true power lies.


Preventing the Next Genocide

Burma's Rohingya minority could fall victim to full-scale genocide if the international community doesn't intervene.

In Other Words

The Reckoning

After decades of censorship, Burma's filmmakers probe their country's dark past.


Ceasefire Capitalism

Why Burma's rebels have every reason to be suspicious of government emissaries talking peace.

Lab Report

Reporters with Borders

Burmese journalists are enjoying their newfound freedoms. But there are still plenty of limits to how far they can go.


The Monks Who Hate Muslims

Buddhist monks have been major instigators of the recent violence against Muslims in Burma.


Buddhist Monks Behaving Badly

The boys in saffron are marching again. But this time there’s nothing that's noble about it.


Burma’s Misled Righteous

How Burma’s pro-democracy movement betrayed its own ideals and rehabilitated the military

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About Francis Wade

Francis Wade is a journalist focusing on Burma. He is writing a book on anti-Muslim violence and the democratic transition in Burma, due out summer 2017 via Zed Books. Follow him on Twitter at @Francis_Wade.



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