Gal Luft

Tea Leaf Nation

A New Way to Hold the U.S.-China Relationship Together

Climate kumbaya is out. But infrastructure cooperation could keep Washington and Beijing from clashing under Trump.


Tsar Vladimir the First

Putin isn’t trying to win the Cold War -- he’s refighting the battles of World War I.


China’s Pollution Revolution

Could Beijing's coal addiction be its downfall?


To Drill or Not to Drill

The coming American oil boom is bad news for Saudi Arabia. How the kingdom responds could very well determine if it survives.


Choke Point

In threatening to close the Strait of Hormuz, Iran is risking more than war. It just might make the vitally important oil shipping route irrelevant.


Between Iran and a Hard Place

Forced to choose between high gas prices and a nuclear Iran, Barack Obama could very well remake himself into a war president.


The Pipeline Paradox

Why is the United States helping Iran sell natural gas?


How to Ruin OPEC’s Birthday

The Middle Eastern oil cartel celebrates its 50th anniversary this week. Here's how to keep it from running our lives for another half-century.

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