Gopal Ratnam

Gopal Ratnam is a senior staff writer at Foreign Policy, covering the White House, the Pentagon and broader national security issues. A native of India,Gopal has covered topics ranging from child-labor law violations and the automotive industry to the international arms trade, the politics of weapons purchases, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He has reported from dozens of countries, including Iraq and Afghanistan. Most recently he was the Pentagon reporter for Bloomberg News.


Despite Other Threats, Obama Sticks to Pivot

President Barack Obama's 2016 national security budget keeps the focus on the pivot to the Asia-Pacific, while treating threats of the Islamic State and Russian aggression as short-term problems.


Washington to Play Bigger Role in Yemen Terror Fight

The United States has spent years combining drone strikes with raids by American-trained Yemeni forces. With Yemen in disarray, Washington will have to do more terrorist hunting on its own.


The Long, Slow Fuse of Jihad in France

The attacks on "Charlie Hebdo" were the culmination of two men’s decade-long quest to wage holy war.


What Comes After the Islamic State Is Defeated?

Eleven years and billions of dollars later, American troops are once again in Iraq, after having withdrawn in 2011. This time, they better plan on staying for the long haul.

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