Gordon Adams


Time to Banish the Sequester Bogeyman

Those on Capitol Hill telling scary stories about defense spending are misrepresenting the real monsters under the budget bed. And it’s time to stop them.


They’re Back: The Shoot-First, Sanction-Later, Would-Be Leaders of America

A military-first foreign policy didn’t work for the last Republican administration, and it’s not going to work for any of the party’s gun-totin’ presidential hopefuls.


Budget Hope Springs Eternal at the Pentagon

Another year, another hopelessly unrealistic request for way more defense money than could possibly be expected.


The French Colonialist’s Comeuppance

By pushing its immigrants to the fringes of French society, the country cultivated a breeding ground for humiliation, exclusion, and retribution.


Believing it Can Remake the Regime in Havana Is the Worst Kind of American Exceptionalist Fantasy

Don’t get me wrong: I support the normalization of relations. But believing it can remake the regime in Havana is the worst kind of American exceptionalist fantasy.


Congress’s Defense Spending Is Nothing More Than a Shell Game

And with the new appropriations bill it might just get away it.


Welcome Back, Dr. Carter

As the new secretary of defense, Ash Carter has a few battles ahead of him. And the toughest challenges won’t be ISIS or Putin.


Budget Blunders and Funding Follies

Hagel's push from the Pentagon was about more than just ISIS and White House politics.


The Midterm’s Mantra of Fear and Loathing

Don’t kid yourselves; from the Islamic State to Ukraine to Iran, foreign policy mattered in Tuesday's elections.


The Varnish of Vietnam

The United States still hasn't stopped trying to win unwinnable wars.

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About Gordon Adams

Gordon Adams is a Professor of International Relations at the School of International Service, American University and a Distinguished Fellow at the Stimson Center. From 1993-97 he was the senior White House budget official for national security.



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