Gordon Adams


A Humanitarian Stimulus

It's time to dispose of the politics of fear and embrace a pro-refugee, pro-economy policy.


The GOP Plan to Bring Back a Unipolar World

Republicans seem to think that by banging the drum for increased defense spending, they can restore America's greatness. They're wrong.


France Has Been No Friend to Muslims

And until Paris confronts its deep historical legacy of colonialism and prejudice, violence will continue.


The Solipsism of Self-Isolation

Decades of marginalizing countries we don't see eye to eye with has gotten the United States nowhere. It's time to engage.

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About Gordon Adams

Gordon Adams is a professor of international relations at American University's School of International Service and is a distinguished fellow at the Stimson Center. From 1993 to 1997, he was the senior White House budget official for national security.



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