J. Dana Stuster


The Failed Islamic States Index

Why jihadis stink at governing.


A Who’s Who in the Executive Cell Block

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was sentenced to six years in prison on Wednesday for accepting bribes to streamline the construction of a luxury ...


Reading Between the Targeted Killings

Richard Clarke's new thriller about the U.S. drone program hits surprisingly close to home. But is the administration insider a critic of Obama's war on terror?


The Bassem Sabry Reader

Egyptian Bassem Sabry did more in 31 years than many do in their lifetimes. He was a political analyst, an advisor to presidential candidate Hamdeen ...


Meet the Houbara Bustard: the Rare, Oversized, War-on-Terror Chicken

The houbara bustard -- a gawky, turkey-sized bird with spindly legs, a long, thick neck, and a goofy mating ritual -- would be a mostly ...


How to Translate a News Story About A Drone Strike

Over the past three days, more than 50 suspected members of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula have been killed in a spate of mysterious ...

The Complex

The Small Planes with Big Missiles the U.S. Wants to Give to Yemen

The U.S. military is thinking about putting missiles on crop dusters and sending them to Yemen. And yes, they look as strange as they sound. ...

The Cable

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Says Chances of War Are ‘Growing’

With Russia seizing the last remaining Ukrainian military base in Crimea and massing troops along Ukraine's eastern border, a top Ukrainian official warned that the ...


Sorry, Turkey: You’re Not Getting Crimea Back

Russia's annexation of Crimea isn't the first time the country has occupied and annexed the Black Sea peninsula -- the first came in 1783. And ...

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About J. Dana Stuster

J. Dana Stuster is a policy analyst at the National Security Network.



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