Javier Corrales


Fidel Was Hell

The longest-ruling dictator of the 20th century was a radical bent on transformational, alternative global development. Ironically, he left his country conservative, impoverished, and isolated.


Don’t Blame It On the Oil

Yes, Venezuela’s economy is cursed – by its political regime, not its natural resources.


Venezuela’s Middle Ground

Critics charge that Venezuela's anti-government protesters almost exclusively represent the middle class. The reality is more complicated -- and revealing.


The Cuban Paradox

Why is Havana so cautious about reform? Perhaps because its reformer-in-chief is also a stalwart of the revolution.

Lab Report

The House That Chavez Built

Hugo Chávez subordinated the needs of Venezuela’s economy to the imperative of keeping himself in power. Now the job of cleaning up falls to his successor.

In Other Words

An ‘A’ for Effort

Revista de la CEPAL (CEPAL Review), No. 73, April 2001, Santiago In a Washington Post op-ed in May 2001, former U.S. presidential candidates George McGovern ...

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