Jeremy Shapiro

Jeremy Shapiro is research director at the European Council on Foreign Relations.


This Is How NATO Ends

With the quiet shuttering of an irrelevant Brussels office building in September 2020.


It’s Time to Stop Holding Saudi Arabia’s Hand

This week's Camp David summit is an opportunity for Washington to send the Gulf a tough message: We're friends with benefits, not long-term lovers.

The Middle East Channel

The Proxy War Problem in Syria

It is hard to look at the Syrian civil war, with over 100,000 people dead and nearly 9 million others displaced, without wondering how we ...

The Middle East Channel

How the U.S. Saw Syria’s War

The Syrian National Coalition's recent decision to participate in the Geneva II conference on January 22 was welcome news to the U.S. government, which has ...

The Middle East Channel

Iran and the U.S.-Saudi Bargain

For the past 30 years, the United States has treated Saudi Arabia as its primary partner in the Persian Gulf and perhaps even the Middle ...

The Middle East Channel

The Qatar problem

On the face of it, Qatar has been one of the United States's most valuable allies in the Middle East over the last decade. Qatar ...

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