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Now the Chinese Are Hacking Us Through Our Limos

Kevin Mandia, CEO of the cybersecurity company Mandiant, takes a lot of limo rides. Normally, his limo company emails him PDF copies of his invoices ...

The Complex

Pentagon Pushes for Zombie Satellites by 2016

  The Pentagon just made its biggest investment yet into a project to build new satellites in space by reusing the parts of dead satellites. ...

The Complex

Commando Supersuit Will Feature an Exoskeleton and ‘Liquid Body Armor’

  Imagine a day in the not too distant future when American commandos won't have to pull back in the face of enemy fire as ...

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Meet The Army’s Tricked-Out, Super-Fast Stealth Copters of 2030

In the not-so-distant future, U.S. special operators, like those who used scuba gear boats and SUVs to go after terrorists this weekend, may be carried ...


This is the Fifth ‘Attack’ at the Capitol in 40 Years

The U.S. Capitol complex is no stranger to violence. The latest evidence of that came on Thursday afternoon, when a woman was shot after leading ...

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New U.S. Drone Base Is America’s Latest Move to Contain China

U.S. officials swear that America's military and diplomatic build-up in Asia is not an attempt to contain a rising China. But they sure are parking ...

The Complex

Exclusive: Air Force Grounds Fighter Jets as Shutdown Takes Hold

Entire fighter squadrons are grounded. The Defense Department's Middle East specialists are barred from the Pentagon. Thousands of the Intelligence Community's top geeks are at ...

The Complex

Pentagon Spent $5 Billion on Weapons on the Eve of the Shutdown

The Pentagon pumped billions of dollars into contractors' bank accounts on the eve of the U.S. government's shutdown that saw 400,000 Defense Department employees furloughed. ...

The Complex

U.S. Stealth Jets Have 363 Production Flaws, Inspectors Say

The Pentagon's inspector general has found 363 problems in the way Lockheed Martin and five other defense contractors build the Pentagon's primary fighter jet of ...

The Complex

Icefog: The Hacker Crew Trying to Break Into Your Weapons

A new cyber-theft ring from Asia is committing a string of smash and grab-style attacks against suppliers to major military contractors. This isn't just any ...

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