Joost Hiltermann


The Houthis Are Not Hezbollah

Donald Trump wants to ramp up Yemen's proxy fight against Iran. One small problem: Tehran doesn't really have a proxy there.


The Perils of a Post-ISIS Iraq

In Kirkuk, the extremist group's defeat risks rekindling old ethnic and religious conflicts — unless cooler heads prevail.

The Middle East Channel

Thank goodness for Iraq’s census disaster

One of the silent victims of Iraq's political paralysis has been the country's long-delayed census. On Oct. 3, the census was postponed for the third ...


Thank Goodness for Iraq’s Census Disaster

It's been postponed three times due to tension over disputed territories in the north. But unlike most of Iraq's bureaucratic messes, this one could save lives.

The Middle East Channel

Kurds no closer to taking Kirkuk after Iraqi elections

At 9 p.m., some four hours after polls closed in Kirkuk on March 7, the sky outside my window starts to echo with fireworks and ...


Iraq’s Real Deadline

The true test for Iraq will come from its next round of elections -- and the real U.S. troop withdrawal.

The Argument

Kurdish crude bails out Baghdad

Tough economic times are turning willful enemies into reluctant partners. By Joost Hiltermann When Iraqi Kurdistan's oil minister, Ashti Hawrami, buoyantly announced last week that ...

The Argument

Bravo Iraqi elections, but now comes the hard part

Provincial elections are a sign of revival, but Iraq is not fixed yet. By Joost Hiltermann High expectations are resting on Iraq's provincial elections this ...

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Joost Hiltermann is program director for the Middle East and North Africa at the International Crisis Group.



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