Joshua Landis


Stay Out of Syria

Foreign intervention to topple Bashar al-Assad's bloody regime risks a fiasco on par with Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Middle East Channel

Syrians must win the revolution on their own

A growing chorus of policy experts in Washington are calling for the United States to get serious about Syria. They want Washington to take charge ...

The Middle East Channel

As quiet returns, Syrians ponder the future

Syria experienced its first day of political calm in over two weeks on April 3. The tsunami of protest and youth awakening that swept over ...

The Middle East Channel

Will failure to solve the Arab-Israeli conflict mean a new Cold War in the Middle East?

Is a new Cold War taking shape in the Middle East? It is not hard to understand why skeptics believe it may be. President Dmitry ...

The Middle East Channel

What is behind the Scud scare?

Reports in U.S. and Israeli papers on Wednesday, alleging that Syria delivered Scud missiles to Hezbollah, has set off a firestorm about the limits of ...

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