Kalev Leetaru


Don’t Blame CNN for the Ebola Panic

If you crunch the data, the mainstream media has actually been pretty levelheaded.


Why Big Data Missed the Early Warning Signs of Ebola

Hint: Ils ne parlent pas le français.


Playing Nostradamus

Big data show that history does indeed repeat itself. What does that mean for foreign policymaking -- and tackling crises from Ukraine to Syria?


Everybody Loves Bashar

Why does the world's media see Bashar al-Assad as invulnerable and Vladimir Putin on the wane?


Did the Arab Spring Really Spark a Wave of Global Protests?

The world may look like it's roiling now, but the 1980s were far worse.


Shiny, Shiny Data: The Thrill of the Chase

Why Washington and Silicon Valley must work together to truly understand the world.


Mapping Violence and Protests in Nigeria

How Big Data can find the big story.


It’s Not Just Kiev

Using Big Data to map Ukraine's protest violence.


Half a Billion Clicks Can’t Be Wrong

What big data tells us about next year’s crisis zones.


King Snowden and the Fall of Wikileaks

The whistleblower refugee has dominated the media -- and displaced Julian Assange.

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About Kalev Leetaru

Kalev H. Leetaru is the Yahoo! Fellow in Residence at the Institute for the Study of Diplomacy in the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. His work centers on the application of "big data" towards understanding global human society in new ways and he is the creator of the GDELT Project.



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