Keith Johnson

Keith Johnson is Foreign Policy’s acting managing editor for news. He has been at FP since 2013, after spending 15 years covering terrorism, energy, airlines, politics, foreign affairs, and the economy for the Wall Street Journal. He has reported from Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia and, contrary to rumors, has absolutely no plans to resume his bullfighting career.


NATO Plays It Cool as Russia and Turkey Grow Closer

Washington and its allies are insisting that the relationship with Turkey is as healthy as ever, despite Erdogan moving into Putin’s embrace.


Poland Takes Aim at Putin’s Pipe Dreams

Warsaw may have finally thrown a wrench into the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, Moscow's controversial plan to double down on its dominance of Europe’s energy supplies.


Can Natural Gas Put Cyprus Back Together Again?

As Cyprus ramps up its own energy exploration, and hopes prevail of an Israel-Turkey pipeline, there is growing optimism that natural gas will help finally unify the divided island.


Hague Court Strikes Down Beijing’s South China Sea Claims

In a victory for the Philippines, an international tribunal ruled China’s expansive claims in the South China Sea are illegal, setting the stage for more tension in one of the world’s flashpoints.


Here’s Why Erdogan Is Cozying Up to Putin

Turkey is trying to mend fences with Russia to contain Iran, fight the Islamic State, and improve its standing in an evolving Middle East.

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