Lauren Bohn


It’s Time to Start Giving a Shit About Toilets

Across an arid summer moonscape in middle-of-nowhere rural Zambia, villagers gather around Chief Macha of Choma to discuss a pressing, unspoken issue: shit. "We have ...


‘The Freedom Fight Has Returned to Turkey’

DIYARBAKIR, Turkey — Homer's Odyssey, Ray-Ban aviators, polished shoes, teeth-whitening gel -- these are the things Seyfullah left behind in his room in southeast Turkey ...


‘They Made Us Take the Seat of Death’

DOHUK, Iraq — One sunny day this summer, 17-year-old Khidir lay on the ground and pretended to be dead for what seemed like an eternity. On ...


The Blood Brothers of Anbar

SHAQLAWA, Iraq — In the past year alone, 43-year-old Omar says he's watched hundreds die. Or as he describes it, "boom, gone, the end." Omar ...


Suspended Animation in the Strip

Amal Ashour has big dreams, which extend beyond the 139-square-mile territory she calls home. One of the most promising students in the Gaza Strip, the ...


The Road Not Traveled

KATETE, Zambia — Last summer, when 8-year-old Enock Mwale showed surgeon Goran Jovic his scars from a fire that mutilated his left hand, it was ...


Sound and Fury on the Bosphorus

ISTANBUL, Turkey — In one of Istanbul's cosmopolitan districts on the winding Bosphorus Strait, two female campaigners stood armed to the teeth with campaign gear ...

The Middle East Channel

Inside Egypt’s Salafis

"All Americans think I'm a terrorist," 34-year-old Salafi political organizer Mohammed Tolba exhales with his trademark belly laugh. He grips his gearshift and accelerates to ...

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About Lauren Bohn

Lauren Bohn is a multimedia journalist based in Istanbul and co-founder of Foreign Policy Interrupted, an initiative dedicated to amplifying female voices in foreign policy. She's the founding assistant editor of the Cairo Review of Global Affairs in Egypt, where she was a Fulbright fellow and Pulitzer Center grantee.

Kerry Tells European Envoys U.N. Action on Palestine Can Wait till Israeli Election

Kerry Tells European Envoys U.N. Action on Palestine Can Wait till Israeli Election

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