Micah Zenko


The Problem With the Torture Report

$40 million, 6,000 pages, and 5 years in the making, the investigation into CIA enhanced interrogation is still full of holes.


Exaggeration Nation

The habitual practice of threat inflation as a means of catalyzing focus on new enemies in U.S. foreign-policy debates has become so commonplace that it ...


The Myth of the Indispensable Nation

In 1996, political journalist Sidney Blumenthal and foreign policy historian James Chace struggled to come up with a memorable phrase to describe America's post-Cold War ...


Terrorists Among Us

As they have been intermittently since 9/11, Americans are again terrified about terrorism. Those who think a domestic terrorist attack is "likely" in the next ...


The Shape-Shifting Coalition

On Sept. 19, six weeks after the United States began airstrikes on Islamic State targets, France announced that a Rafale fighter jet had destroyed a ...


Mission Improbable

Two weeks ago, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel attempted to clarify the United States' military objectives against the militant organization the Islamic State (IS). He ...


Barack Obama and the ‘Wimp Factor’

More than ever, Americans think that President Barack Obama lacks toughness. He is "not tough enough" on foreign policy and national security, according to 54 ...


Mission Leap

On Feb. 12, 1993, journalist Christopher Burns filed a story from Somalia containing a term that had never before appeared in English language press: "The ...


The Slippery Slope of U.S. Intervention

During his recent hour-long interview with the New York Times's Thomas Friedman, President Barack Obama mentioned something in passing when he described the need to ...

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About Micah Zenko

Micah Zenko (@MicahZenko) is the Douglas Dillon fellow with the Center for Preventive Action at the Council on Foreign Relations. He writes the blog Politics, Power, and Preventive Action.

Kerry Tells European Envoys U.N. Action on Palestine Can Wait till Israeli Election

Kerry Tells European Envoys U.N. Action on Palestine Can Wait till Israeli Election

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