Michael Auslin


China Won’t Run From a Fight With Trump

The new U.S. president says he’s ready to stand up to China in its own backyard — but Beijing won’t take that lying down.


Kim Jong Untrustworthy

As the United States debates how to deal with North Korea’s belligerence, there’s one thing it should avoid at all costs: negotiating with Pyongyang.


Abe Is Not Trying to Build a New Empire

Besides, do you really fear a strong, democratic Japan more than a strong, authoritarian China?


Shinzo Won’t Go

Why the Obama administration needs to learn to live with Japan's fiery prime minister.


Xi’s Not Ready

Why Obama should skip the shirt-sleeves summit with China's new leader.


A Line in the Sea

Is Japan’s new leader going to pick a fight with China?


Guest post: Will China go to war in January 2013?

Interesting times indeed. This is a guest post from Michael Auslin, a scholar in Asian and security studies at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington. ...


The Asian Cold War

China and Japan's island spat is much more than a battle over a bunch of uninhabited rocks. And it won't be ending anytime soon.

Briefing Book

Japan Awakens

The Japanese military is emerging from decades of pacifism. But do the country's political leaders have the vision and the will to make the country strong again?

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