Michael Dobbs


How to Stop a Nuclear War

What the Cuban missile crisis teaches us about facing down North Korea.

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Thoughts of a first-time voter

I voted in a national election for the first time in my life today -- at the age of 62. During more than three decades ...

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The ‘eyeball to eyeball’ moment that never was

As followers of my Twitter feed on the Cuban missile crisis will know, today was the day John F. Kennedy supposedly went "eyeball to eyeball" ...

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Why is a missile site like a latrine?

Earlier this week, I was invited to talk to a roomful of intelligence analysts at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, commemorating the 50h anniversary of the Cuban ...

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The original hawks and doves

For Cuban missile crisis fans, there is a lot of interesting new material in the Robert F. Kennedy records that were partially opened today after ...

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RFK records on missile crisis released

There’s nothing like a big anniversary to galvanize the gatekeepers of history into action. Fifty years after the Cuban missile crisis, we are finally going ...

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Would JFK favor a ‘red line’ with Iran?

Earlier this week, I received a call from the Washington Post's political fact checker, Glenn Kessler, asking about a Benjamin Netanyahu quote relating to the ...

Michael Dobbs

Mladic and the ‘March of Folly’

Last week, I looked at Ratko Mladic's transformation from a loyal Yugoslav communist to an equally committed Serb nationalist. This week, I will address my second ...

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Who lost the Arab Spring?

Having just completed a trilogy of books about decisive moments in the Cold War, I am bemused by the "Who lost the Arab Spring?" debate ...

Michael Dobbs

How a Yugoslav communist became a Serb nationalist

In my last post, I outlined four mysteries surrounding Ratko Mladic that need to be resolved in order to explain the atrocities he committed during ...

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