Michael Knights


The Liberation of Fallujah, the Fall of Baghdad

Securing the Iraqi capital won’t be easy, but keeping Baghdad safe from the Islamic State is the only way to ensure it doesn’t fall to Shiite militias.


No One Talks About Liberating Mosul Anymore

It’s time to let the U.S. military get creative with partners on the ground — and let pilots above open a can of whoop-ass on the Islamic State.


Doubling Down on a Doubtful Strategy

Why the current U.S. plan to win back Iraq only guarantees the Islamic State won’t be defeated.


Iraq’s City of Orphans

The world came to the rescue of the refugees on Mount Sinjar -- so why does it continue to ignore thousands more Iraqi minorities who face imminent threat of extermination by jihadists?


Iraq War III Has Now Begun

As ISIS marches toward Baghdad, can Washington afford to sit on the sidelines?

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About Michael Knights

Michael Knights is a Lafer fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. He travels regularly to Iraq and has written a number of books and reports on the country's security and politics, most recently The Iraqi Security Forces: Local Context and U.S. Assistance.



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