Michael Koplow


Israel’s New Man in Washington

Is Ron Dermer too right wing to win friends and influence "allies" in the White House?


How Democratic Is Turkey?

Not as democratic as Washington thinks it is.


How Not to Wage War on the Internet

Ever since the Israel Defense Forces launched Operation Pillar of Cloud on Wednesday with the killing of Hamas military chief Ahmed al-Jabari, the official IDF ...


Bibi’s Mistake

Netanyahu hopes his new superparty will give him the stable majority he's always wanted. But joining forces with the far right could turn out to be a political disaster.


Why the Embassy Riots Won’t Stop

The world has become one big crowded theater, and anyone with a laptop can now yell "fire" and set off a stampede.


Why Tunisia’s Revolution Is Islamist-Free

And how their absence explains the quick fall of Ben Ali's regime.

The Middle East Channel

Hiding in plain sight

As the explosive, ongoing release of hundreds of thousands of State Department diplomatic cables shows, official Washington is anxious about the direction that Turkey's government ...


Hiding in Plain Sight

You don't need to get your hands on secret cables to learn that Turkey's foreign minister has a radically different view of the world than American diplomats. Just read his dissertation.

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