Michael Peck


Yahtzee Meets the Hot Zone

The nightmarish Ebola board game that's starting to look all too real.


Like Stratego, But With More Bagpipes

The fight for Scottish independence, coming to a living room table near you.


Luke, I Am Your President

Let’s see Putin try to pull this nonsense with a Sith Lord in the White House.


Building a Warship for the Video Game Generation

The Navy's latest high-tech destroyer is basically a floating Xbox. (See bad jokes below.)


Storm the Beaches from your Living Room

Six D-Day wargames that let you invade Normandy all over again.


The Holy City of the Living Dead

There's actually a lesson about Israel buried inside this horribly bad horror flick about Hezbollah zombies.


Congratulations, You Have Been Martyred!

Syria's jihadists take on Flappy Bird with new low-tech games that target enemies in Iran and Saudi Arabia.


The Battle for Lviv

I invaded Ukraine, and it ended in stalemate. Maybe someone should tell Putin.


Northern Fights

Why is Canada naming its warships after U.S. defeats?

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Michael Peck is an award-winning writer specializing in defense and national security issues. He holds an MA in political science from Rutgers University.


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