Michael Weiss


The Metamorphosis of an Islamic State Warrior

Meet Abdelaziz Kuwan, a nice young man from Bahrain who went to Syria to fight Assad. Before long he was raping girls and beheading men.


Trapped in Baku

A press freedom advocate -- and husband of an American servicewoman -- went to the U.S. embassy in Azerbaijan, fearing for his life. But he was turned away.


Crowdfunding the War in Ukraine — From Manhattan

With his men getting hammered by Russia, a desperate Ukrainian battalion commander has landed in New York City, where he's rustling up money for weapons, helmets, and even toilet paper.


Putin Sends His ‘Leopard’ to the Battlefield of Eastern Ukraine

Sophisticated Russian weapons have been spotted near Donetsk, signaling a dangerous new phase in the conflict may be underway.


The Kremlin’s $220 Million Man

Igor Shuvalov, Russia’s deputy prime minister, is supposed to have the cleanest hands in the Kremlin. So where’d he get a quarter of a billion dollars?


You Wouldn’t Kill Margaret Thatcher if You Knew How Hot She Was

Why Hilary Mantel's controversial short story about an imagined assassination of the former prime minister misunderstands the Iron Lady.


Ghosts of the Maidan

First revolution. Then war. Now what?


A White Shining Lie

Putin's 'humanitarian' convoy is simply a pretext for the war the Kremlin's been planning for months.

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About Michael Weiss

Michael Weiss is the editor in chief of the Interpreter, an online journal that translates and analyzes Russian media. Follow him on Twitter: @michaeldweiss.



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