Mosharraf Zaidi


The Pretender to Pakistan’s Throne

Imran Khan's populist protest movement is on the verge of taking down Pakistan's dull, dysfunctional government. How did such a lightweight get so far?


It’s Morning in Islamabad

Yes, it’s broke, violent, and tumultuous. But here are five reasons Pakistan is better off than you think.


Missing in Action

Extremists are destroying the fabric of Pakistani society. Where is the government?


The Silver Lining in ‘Memogate’

The scandal over the secret memo offering to clip the Pakistani military's wings (with U.S. support) is a perfect opportunity to discuss the country's real problems.


The Lies They Tell Us

Can the Pakistani government's web of deceit survive the death of Osama bin Laden?

The South Asia Channel

Cup half-empty

Why we all wanted to believe what Greg Mortenson was selling.  Read the full article here.


Cup Half-Empty

Why we all wanted to believe what Greg Mortenson was selling.

The South Asia Channel

Reading Woodward in Karachi

Is this the nail in the coffin of the U.S.-Pakistan relationship? Read the full story here.

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