Nour Samaha

Nour Samaha is a journalist based in Lebanon.


Iraq’s ‘Good Sunni’

Yazan al-Jabouri, with help from Iranian weapons and U.S. airstrikes, built a Sunni faction of Iraq's Shiite militias. But the fight against ISIS won't be his last.


Hezbollah’s Crucible of War

Joining Syria’s civil war has made Hezbollah much more powerful, but much less popular, in the Middle East.


The Eagles of the Whirlwind

A militia allied with the Syrian government is gaining ground and popularity. But it’s not just fighting to preserve President Bashar al-Assad’s state — it’s trying to redraw the borders of the Middle East.


Hezbollah’s Death Valley

In a small enclave between Syria and Israel, Hezbollah is preparing for what it says will be its biggest war ever.


Trapped Between Assad, Israel, and al Qaeda

Syria’s million-strong Druze minority finds itself in the crosshairs of war — and forced into a no-win choice to secure its survival.


Hezbollah Is ‘Stronger Than Ever’

The Shiite Lebanese group says it’s winning the battle against the Islamic State, rallying supporters to its cause, and fighting a war on terror.


The Defenders of Yarmouk

Just a few miles from downtown Damascus, pro-Assad Palestinian militias are fighting a grinding battle to the death against the Islamic State.


The Battle for the Qalamoun Mountains

Along the Lebanese border with Syria, Hezbollah is preparing for an all-out war with the Sunni fighters of al-Nusra Front and the Islamic State.

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