Paul McLeary

Paul McLeary is the Pentagon reporter for Foreign Policy. Previously, he was the Pentagon reporter and Land Warfare correspondent for Defense News, and a senior writer for Defense Technology International / Aviation Week magazine. He has embedded with US forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, covered humanitarian operations in Nicaragua and Colombia, and relief operations in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. He’s also written for the New Republic, Los Angeles Times, Columbia Journalism Review, The Guardian, and appeared on CNN, C-SPAN, and NPR. Ask him about the Buffalo Sabres’ chances to win the Stanley Cup.​

The Cable

SitRep: Flynn’s Russia Bombshell; Trump Backtracks on China Talk; Pentagon Wants More Time, Troops, in Afghan “Stalemate”

Israel Coming to Town With a Plan; Trump’s Missile Gap; Allies Unsure About Sharing Intel with U.S.; Senate Wants Yemen Briefing

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