Pedro Nicolaci da Costa


Britain Is Becoming an Emerging Market

With a plunging pound and deep economic uncertainty, one of Europe’s most robust markets is now looking a lot like the developing world.


The Stimulus Our Economy Needs

The U.S. economy needs cash to fund job creation and raise stagnant wages. Calling it "helicopter money" is just counterproductive.


The Shifty Linguistics of ‘Capital’

Banks and financial institutions are playing fast and loose with what constitutes “cash on hand” in case of a crisis. But there’s an even better phrase for this: recipe for disaster.


The Fed Needs to Get Its Story Straight

The U.S. central bank is sending mixed messages on when an interest rate hike will finally happen. The bankers better get their communications strategy in order. Now.

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About Pedro Nicolaci da Costa

Pedro Nicolaci da Costa is editorial fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics. He spent over a decade covering the Federal Reserve, first at Reuters then The Wall Street Journal.



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