Philippe Legrain

Philippe Legrain is the founder of OPEN, an international think-tank on openness issues, and a senior visiting fellow at the London School of Economics’ European Institute. Previously economic adviser to the President of the European Commission from 2011 to 2014, he is the author of four critically acclaimed books, including Immigrants: Your Country Needs Them and European Spring: Why Our Economies and Politics Are in a Mess — and How to Put Them Right.


Refugees Are a Great Investment

By banning refugees from the United States, Donald Trump isn’t just denying them an opportunity. He’s harming the American economy.


Ireland’s Recovery Has Nothing to Do With Austerity

Voters headed to the polls this Friday should take heed: The Celtic Tiger got its groove back despite — not because of — the EU and IMF’s advice.


Europe Doesn’t Need Stronger Borders

The push for a bigger, badder Frontex is about political showmanship -- not a real solution to the migration crisis.


Keep Europe’s Doors Open

The fact that a terrorist may have hid among refugees is a case for better intelligence, not turning away innocent victims.


Slouching Toward Brexit

Arguments for Britain to leave the EU don’t make much sense, but that doesn’t mean the Euroskeptics won’t win.


Schengen in Shambles

By shutting its borders, Germany is trying to strong arm its fellow European countries into solving the refugee crisis. The EU shouldn’t work that way.

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