Phillip Smyth


Assad Strikes Back

The Syrian regime is gearing up for a counteroffensive that relies on Iran’s money and Shiite foreign fighters from as far away as Central Asia to push back against the Islamic State.


All the Ayatollah’s Men

Iraq's Shiite militias are becoming as great a danger as the Islamic State.

The Middle East Channel

The Vocabulary of Sectarianism

As the conflict in Syria continues to spread throughout the Levant and adopt a broader sectarian tone -- Sunni Salafis on one side and Iranian-backed, ...

The Middle East Channel

Syria’s multipolar war

Notwithstanding some speculation, Syria has become an intensely complex conflict. Militarily, the opposition currently consists of more than 1,000 armed opposition groups as well as ...


Hezbollah’s Fallen Soldiers

The self-proclaimed "Party of God" is throwing its fighters into Syria's bloody war. And according to its own media sources, it has already suffered significant losses.

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About Phillip Smyth

Phillip Smyth is a researcher at the University of Maryland’s Laboratory for Computational Cultural Dynamics and author of the Hizballah Cavalcade blog, which focuses on Shiite militant organizations. Follow him on Twitter: @PhillipSmyth.



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