Raza Rumi

The South Asia Channel

Enemies of the State

Political reform in Myanmar cannot be complete without an end to the long-standing persecution of the minority Rohingya people.

The South Asia Channel

Publish At Your Peril

South Asia remains one of the most repressed regions for journalists and by governments muzzling the freedoms of the press, the region’s democratic gains are in jeopardy.

The South Asia Channel

A Drone Killed My Friend, Warren Weinstein

Instead of using drones to combat men who kidnap aid workers, let's support local movements that seek to prevent the men from taking such actions in the first place.

The South Asia Channel

Bangladesh on the Brink

Unrest sweeps Dhaka after disputed elections, but Bangladesh's problems extend much farther from the ballot box. Also sparking the flames of turmoil are a stagnant economy, authoritarian rule, and weak governance

The South Asia Channel

Pakistan’s Dueling Military Cultures

C. Christine Fair, Fighting to the End: The Pakistan Army's Way of War (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2014). Aqil Shah, The Army and Democracy: Military ...

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