Sameer Lalwani

The South Asia Channel

Pakistan’s catch 22

For years, the United States has miscalculated Pakistani strategic interests in Afghanistan, which continues to involve tactical and operational support for some sections of the ...

The South Asia Channel

Working on a dream

By Sameer Lalwani I have three responses to Matt Yglesias's perplexed questions on the shortfalls of the Afghan National Army (ANA). First, his assumptions overestimate ...

The South Asia Channel

The perils of polling in Afghanistan

By Sameer Lalwani On the eve of the Afghan presidential election, there are very few public polls on which analysts and commentators can base their ...

The South Asia Channel

Obama’s Pakistan problem

By Sameer Lalwani During the 1980s covert campaign against the Soviets, Pakistan's General Zia ul-Haq told CIA Director William Casey that being an ally of ...


Why We’d Miss Musharraf

Pervez Musharraf is wobbling, and his political adversaries are moving in for the kill. But Pakistan’s former leaders are hardly the democratic saviors they present themselves to be.

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