Simon Cottee

Simon Cottee is a visiting senior fellow with the Freedom Project at Wellesley College. He is the author of The Apostates: When Muslims Leave Islam.


Terrorists Are Not Snowflakes

The West has started treating would-be terrorists as children in need of protection from radical ideas. That's as dangerous as it is insulting.


Did the Terrorists Win in Denmark?

The Danish editor who published the notorious Mohammed cartoons now says his newspaper stood by him in public while trying to silence him in private.


Anjem Choudary and the Criminalization of Dissent

The most disturbing thing about a notorious British hate preacher is that his terrorism conviction is for something he said, not something he did.


What ISIS Women Want

Western women who join the Islamic State aren’t victims who've been groomed or seduced by men. They’re committed jihadis in their own right.

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