Stephen S. Roach

<p> Stephen S. Roach, a faculty member at Yale University and former chairman of Morgan Stanley Asia, is the author of The Next Asia. His forthcoming book, Unbalanced: The Codependency of America and China, will be published Jan. 2014. </p>


Washington’s Big China Screw-up

U.S. efforts to oppose a $50 billion China-led infrastructure bank have backfired. Experts explain why.


Hard Landing, USA

China is rebalancing its economy. Why isn't America?


The Slow Boat from China

Is the world ready for Beijing's economic new normal?


The Consumption Gap

They thought Asia would save the world economy. They were wrong.

Think Again

Think Again: Alan Greenspan

U.S. Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan is credited with simultaneously achieving record-low inflation, spawning the largest economic boom in U.S. history, and saving the world from financial collapse. But, when Greenspan steps down next year, he will leave behind a record foreign deficit and a generation of Americans with little savings and mountains of debt. Has the world's most revered central banker unwittingly set up the global economy for disaster?

In Other Words

No Turning Back for The Next Asia

By Stephen S. Roach Not surprisingly, Minxin Pei has hit the nail right on the head: It's easy to make the case for Asia's structural ...


A Lethal Shakeout

"If, as I suspect, the American consumer now enters a sustained slowdown, there will be unmistakable reverberations on U.S.-centric export flows in many major regions of the world." -- Stephen S. Roach, October 2006


Greenspan’s Follies

There’s just one problem with Alan Greenspan’s attempts to defend his record on the financial crisis: The former Fed chairman is guilty as charged.

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