Taisu Zhang


Behind the Personality Cult of Xi Jinping

He may be China’s most powerful leader in decades. Here’s what he hopes to gain – and stands to lose.

Tea Leaf Nation

China’s Coming Ideological Wars

In the reform era, economic growth reigned supreme. But now, a revival of competing beliefs has polarized Chinese society.


China’s New Age of Fear

Life under Xi Jinping has seen disappearances, televised confessions, and stepped-up surveillance. Is this the 'new normal'?


China, Circa 2016

From political and ideological infighting, to labor rights, to the South China Sea, here's what's brewing in the new year.


China’s ‘Rule by Law’ Takes an Ugly Turn

A recent spate of arrests and detentions is another sign of the Communist Party's intolerance for dissent.

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About Taisu Zhang

Taisu Zhang is an Associate Professor at Yale Law School.



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