Thomas G. Mahnken

Shadow Government

An Uncivil Treatment of a Civil Servant

Jeff Lewis's article on the reported retirement of Andrew W. Marshall, the Pentagon's Director of Net Assessment, is mean-spirited, superficial, and inaccurate. It was mean ...

Shadow Government

Rubio’s Peace Through Strength

Overlooked amid the coverage of U.S. air strikes against the Islamic State, on Sept. 17 Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) gave a speech on defense issues. ...

Shadow Government

The Three Decisions Obama Has to Make in His Strategy for the Islamic State

Sometimes we are surprised when we hear our elected leaders utter the truth. That's been the reaction to President Barack Obama's admission last Thursday that ...

Shadow Government

Facts and arguments regarding China’s military

Late last month, the front page of the Washington Post contained the kind of story that I, as a professional educator, like to see.  The ...

Shadow Government

Beyond bin Laden

Osama bin Laden's death is an occasion for celebration. President Obama should be commended for launching the operation, and the quiet professionals who carried out ...

Shadow Government

Panetta’s challenges at the Pentagon

I agree with Shadow Government's Dov Zakheim that Obama played it safe in tapping Leon Panetta to replace Robert Gates as Secretary of Defense. Quite ...

Shadow Government

Judging Obama’s Libya speech: 4 key answers (it all boils down to strategy)

The United States, its allies, and its coalition partners have been at war for over a week now. For political, ideological, and legal reasons, the ...

Shadow Government

A failing grade for ‘Top Secret America’

I've just finished Dana Priest and William Arkin's "Top Secret America," The Washington Post's two-year, three-part "investigation" into U.S. classified activities. If one of my ...

Shadow Government

Is China betting that the U.S. can’t multitask?

Steve Clemons of the New America Foundation has posted an interesting assessment of the Defense Department's 2010 Quadrennial Defense Review, on his blog. The essay, ...

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