Christian Caryl

Christian Caryl

Let’s Face It: The U.S. Constitution Needs a Makeover

The 2016 election shows that it’s time to start a national conversation about fundamental political reform.

Christian Caryl

President Duterte’s Crazy Drug War Is Just the Beginning

The Philippines’ new strongman is eating away at the foundations of democracy. Can anyone stop him?

Christian Caryl

We’ve Got to Face It: Trump Is Riding a Global Trend

If Hillary Clinton wants to win, she needs to confront the rise of fear-driven politics.

Christian Caryl

Mourning the Syria That Might Have Been

How Assad’s forces bombed a democratic experiment into oblivion.

Christian Caryl

Memo to the Establishment: Inspire Us or Lose

The competent politicians holding Western democracy together are dropping like flies. It’s time for them to embrace the tactic of stirring emotions -- to positive ends.

Christian Caryl

Why Does Tunisia Produce So Many Terrorists?

The success story of the Arab Spring has made room for moderate secularists to flourish. But that’s a double-edged sword.

Christian Caryl

The End of Politics as We Know It

The traditional ideological divides of Left and Right are collapsing. And that raises big questions about the future of liberal democracy.

Christian Caryl

Europe’s Big Freedom Fail

It's time for the European Union to get serious about enforcing democratic standards.

Christian Caryl

Why Insurgency Is Fun

The status quo in the Western democracies is under attack — and its defenders are looking more listless by the hour.

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