The Blackwater of Jihad

A consortium of elite, well-paid fighters from across the former Soviet Union are training jihadis in Syria. Their business model could go global.


Is AI Sexist?

In the not-so-distant future, artificial intelligence will be smarter than humans. But as the technology develops, absorbing cultural norms from its creators and the internet, it will also be more racist, sexist, and unfriendly to women.


Understanding the Antebellum-Era Slave Insurance Market

Recent portrayals of American slavery — from 12 Years a Slave and Django Unchained to Walter Johnson’s River of Dark Dreams and Sven Beckert’s Empire of Cotton — have emphasized the brutal violence ...


The Last White Africans

With 200,000 members, AfriForum is the leading civic organization advocating for the rights of Afrikaners in South Africa. Do the people responsible for apartheid’s crimes have a claim to their country’s future?


In Two Words: How Can We Connect a Fractured Nation?

Demographics aren’t just about identity. They’re about how and where different populations interact. Social infrastructure is the network of physical spaces and institutions — from ...


Here’s Looking At You, 2050

How a less Christian Europe, an aging population in the West, and the empowerment of women are going to shape the future.


The Radical Movement Redefining Schizophrenia

People with unquiet minds are locked up, medicated, and stigmatized. Now an international support network is telling them they might not be sick at all.


The Things They Carried: The Needle Exchanger

It’s almost midnight when Marta Nascimento strides up to a young sex worker and her john who are loitering in Lisbon’s run-down Martim Moniz neighborhood. ...

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