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Reza Aslan Argues: There Is No Divide Between Islam and American Culture

The American Muslim community is growing into a dynamic group — one that is firmly planted in the U.S. tradition of individualism.

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In Dumping the Paris Accord, Trump Cedes the Energy Future to China

The United States isn’t just forfeiting its environmental leadership. It’s shipping jobs and influence to Beijing.

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Thoughts from Jane Goodall on How to Save the Planet

What chimpanzees and the trees of Tanzania can teach us about battling the effects of climate change.

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Advice From Pussy Riot: How to Defy Putin and Trump

What the Russian and U.S. presidents have in common and how to defeat “all those other assholes just like them.”

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Gender Hack

The dearth of women in the tech world is cultural — and therefore entirely reversible.

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A Blow to the Soul

A generation of innocents is going to grow up traumatized because of America’s immigration laws.

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